Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Will You Marry Me?

Well, does that ring come with a voucher for 10 laser hair removal sessions?

Dear Future Fiancé,

So I'm writing this in the hope that you will read it before purchasing a really expensive engagement ring... I have a better suggestion.

Considering I am an artist, I like gardening, I do dishes and I'm a very simple lady, I don't see why you should spend a ton on a ring I may damage, lose or forget to wear.
I do however think that pubic laser hair removal will benefit me and us much more.

Why would I say this?

1) I'll have a smooth, baby soft, hair-free vagina for life without the expense and pain of waxing, the horrible ingrown hairs induced by shaving or, the thrush that comes with hair-removal creams.

2) Who does a flashy ring benefit? If I want to marry you, I'll say yes no matter what you present me with (just not yellow gold please, I'd take plastic over yellow gold). Flashy rings are about showing off to friends and family... I'm not into that. I'm no show-off.

3) I'm actually being pretty selfless as, this will benefit you more than it'll benefit me. Lol.

4) Studies show that Liesl Leonard is 90% more likely to say, "yes" if your proposal is accompanied by the treatment vouchers.

So, I trust you will take my proposal into consideration before making your proposal.



1 comment:

  1. Genuis idea! :) thank you ,will propose it to my gf!



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